Olympia Cash Solutions wishes you, your family and colleagues the very best in 2021!

Last year was certainly a challenging one, but we still managed to deliver real value to our credit union clients, introducing time saving technologies and service cost reductions. Some examples of our efforts included a province wide preventative maintenance program that saved one client thousands of dollars in labour while extending the service life of previously acquired bill counters, particularly important in a reduced capital environment.

Another client wrote to us expressing their complete satisfaction with the newly introduced Giesecke and Devrient Pronote line of bill counters. In their own words, “Not only does the Pronote steadily count bills, it also totals individual denominations in a single batch, which greatly saves time compared to using previous (now obsolete) piece counters.” The client continued, “The Pronote allows us to value count and record multiple currencies like US, Mexican, Euros, and GBP and of course Canadian currency in far less time than before. Our productivity has been greatly improved.”

Still another client, expressed their gratitude when during a trial of the technology they stated, 

“The counter actually picked up on a couple firmly stuck together 100 bills that we believe came through our cash shipment.  They would have been hard to detect over the counter or at first sight, as they had to be peeled apart.” Because the Pronote is based on imaging technology the unit can detect different denominations, currency types and suspect bills with small variations in thickness which is particularly suited for fitness sorting of ATM cash.

In essence, Pronote represents a low cost high value entry point for credit unions and others to greatly improve efficiency in ATM Teller rooms and reduce errors associated with bill counting and verification. The technology also helps us introduce the new world-class Table-Top Sorters ideally suited to count room operations for ATM deposit reconciliations.

In 2020, Olympia became a distribution and service partner as well for Diebold Nixdorf (DN) in Western Canada, which allows us to offer a full line of commercial banking ATMs and Cash Recyclers backed by Olympia’s cost-competitive service rates. If your credit union is interested in reducing service costs, why not give Olympia a call?





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