Giesecke and Devrient are very well known for providing the most reliable equipment for large cash handling operations like casinos. To compliment these solutions, G+D through Olympia is offering casinos another level of efficiency through software solutions.

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BPS Connect Casino

BPS Casino Connect Software

BPS Connect Casino is an “out of the box” solution which allows the integration of cash handling and sorting equipment data with various casino management and software platforms. This reduces duplication of effort and greatly streamlines slot and count room accounting processes.

G&D’s BPS Connect Casino software solution combined with the BPS line of equipment, will maximize performance by integrating industry proven best practices. BPS Connect Casino has the flexibility to accommodate different modes of processing per local regulatory requirements, as well as built-in interfaces to all Casino Management System hardware and software.

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Cashview Casino

Cashview Casino Cash Management Software

Cashview is a web-based cash management solution that streamlines and automates cashier transfer slips, cage checkout sheets and cash requests. Cashview effectively reduces paper, time and labour and provides a highly graphical dashboard for users. One of the best results when using Cashview is an average reduction of 20% of impressed bank amounts.

Take advantage of cashier automation to save on paper, resources, and time, and process cash more efficiently with a centralized view of cash levels throughout your casino. Manage cash from the count room to the cashier window more easily.

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Did You Know?

Giesecke and Devrient has an 80% market share in the global Casino market