Olympia’s offers commercial/industrial grade cash dispensers for financial institutions, metal recyclers and bottle depots. These machines are built to operate in high volume dispensing environments where long term operation, safety and security are of particular interest. Use of cash dispensers reduce the amount of cash handling while directly interfacing with various metal yard software programs to streamline cash dispensing processes with customers.

Many provinces have mandated that cash dispensing to customers be a “traceable form of currency” such as through barcode cash dispensing systems, such as the Metacash system we offer.

The Metacash system has been utilized in numerous metal recycling operations by such notable companies as American Iron and Metal, Tervita, ABC Recycling, Schnitzer and many others.

Why Would You Choose a Metacash Commercial Cash Dispenser?

  • The only CCD to offer full redundancy (if one tray encounters and issue the yard can still process payments). All others cannot.
  • Extremely robust providing maximum security for your cash.
  • Can operate with any yard management software available on the market.

Why Do I need a CCD Anyway?

  • Many jurisdictions in North America require cash payments through a 3rd party that are traceable
  • Reduce cash handling tasks, reduce time for end of day balancing and overall cash management
  • Greatly improved safety and security for personnel
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Metacash 2600