Rocky Mountain Credit Union as typical with many credit unions today was using simple piece counters to verify different currencies and denominations in their count room. This meant lots of time spent separating multiple bundles of various denominations and currency types. The “old counters” tended to jam a lot or not read bills at all resulting in more manual counting.

Pronote 1.0 Solution

ProNote 1

Olympia Cash Solutions introduced to them the Giesecke and Devrient Pronote 1.0, a value bill counter based on imaging technology. Not only does this machine steadily count bills, it also totals the value and can handle various denominations and currencies at once.

“The Pronote has cut down on our time handling and counting currency. The Pronote has definitely improved our productivity and confidence with our counting operations at Rocky Mountain Credit Union.” – Rockyview Mountain Credit Union Staff

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