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Our Mission

Our mission at Olympia ATM & Cash Solutions is to offer state-of-the-art cash handling solutions and unrivaled service that delivers maximum value to our customers.

We work hard every day to gain and keep our customers trust by guaranteeing the highest quality of service and maintenance of all of our products.

Why Choose Us?

Olympia’s Cash Cycle

Olympia offers a variety of solutions for each stage of the cash cycle. From leading edge equipment to service and maintenance on the equipment, Olympia promises that if it processes cash, we can service it!

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Olympia's Cash Cycle

About Olympia ATM & Cash Solutions

Olympia provides solutions to businesses that use cash in their business operations. Whether the business requires an ATM for cash dispensing or has a requirement to count and sort cash, Olympia has the technology and service back-up to make a difference. We focus on providing equipment that provides maximum value and long-term operability. We provide complete turn-key operations or multiple level support programs depending on customer needs. Our wide range of clients include real-estate owners, credit unions, casinos, convenience and gas operations and other retail venues.

We are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta but maintain a network of strategic partners across Canada. Our suppliers provide some of the best fit for purpose cash handling equipment in the world.

Olympia ATM focuses on growing and maintaining a network of other 800 ATM’s across Canada, whereas Olympia Cash Solutions focuses on delivering world-class cash handling dispensing, sorting and counting systems.

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Our Team

Rick Skauge

CEO & Co-Founder

Jim Wilson

President & Co-Founder

Tim Conn

Director, Business Development

Mark McDonald

Project Manager

Cameron McIntosh

Operations & Business Development Associate

Jenna Boksteyn

Chief Keeper of the Warehouse

Nick Manuel

Senior Technician

Lucas McCurdy

Controller and Chief Bean Counter

Jett Chebry

ATM Vault Manager & Accounting Assistant

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If it processes cash, we can service it!

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